Wednesday, October 13, 2010

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Why Would Anyone
Want To Work From

These days every form of media is touting the phrase “work at home”, but how many people are actually aware of what’s involved in such an undertaking?

There are many clear reasons why someone would want to entertain the idea of working at home.....endless hours staring at taillights and headlights as you make the pilgrimage to your workplace....the high cost of gas  that seems to be a vacuum hose into your wallet every week  (do we eat, or buy gas? Hmmm).....a boss that thinks you should LIVE at work  so you won’t be late because of traffic jams....fellow employees that want YOUR job....and of course....the shrinking paycheck that just doesn’t cover it! Yuck!

It does make sense to work at home, doesn’t it?
Well consider this. Is the type of work you do do-able from home? Or do you have to find some other way to make money from a home-based business?

If you answered the first question with a YES, you may want to approach the powers –that-be at your work and see if they’ll consider the idea of letting you work from home at least  part of the week. That would save you time, gas....and of course money. And they’ll still be getting the job done. As long as you have a phone and internet connection, you can have access to all but the most secure aspects of your job.

The second question is a little more complex. There are many ways to develop an income from home....everything from cutting hair to operating a six-figure internet business. You know your skill set...and there are plenty of business ideas that might fit.

There is a downside, however! If you have kids....and it doesn’t really matter what their ages will need to find a quiet place where you can get the work done without being disturbed. Once your kids KNOW you’re home, they’ll find countless ways to infiltrate your workspace, your concentration.....yes your whole thought process. What once was seemingly insignificant to the child now becomes a matter of extreme importance, and they won’t give up ‘til you have solved the problem.

But you wanted to stay home to spend more time with your family anyway, didn’t you? If you can overcome this challenge, you can have it, business ownership AND more family time.

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