Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Point and Click Coaching Review

Do You Have The Time To Have A Successful Internet Business?

If you’ve been contemplating....or attempting... the development of an online business, there are several factors to consider
       Is this going to be a major source of income for you and your family, or perhaps just a few extra bucks in your pocket?
      Are you trying to replace your current income, or build a nest egg for retirement?
      Do you have an existing business or product that you want to market online? The answer to any of these questions will determine the level of time that you must commit to your business.

If you are working a full-time job or career, the amount of time you have work on your online presence will be limited to that time when you’re not travelling to and from work, doing your job, engaging in family activities or any other recreational undertakings that require your time.

So what do you do?

First thing to do is figure out how much free time you have to spend developing your business. Don’t forget to include your sleep time.....unless you’re prepared to stay awake longer or get up earlier to work on your online business
Now you’ll need to develop a system to prioritize WHAT you do online, or you’ll find that you’re not getting any closer to making money. Start by making a list the night before of the important things you need to get done the next day in the time you will have available. Don’t bite off more than you can other words, don’t put more items on the list than you can reasonably expect to get done. Psychologists tell us that the stress of not getting the job done leads to a feeling of non-accomplishment, rather than feeling good about all those items you’ve crossed off your list.

 Funny, isn’t it?

O.K...Now you’re at the computer. What are you going to do? Surf the web? Answer e-mails? If you get a lot of e-mails, you’ll need a way to deal with them.
Try this....if you know you’re probably not going to read it, delete it! If you have a number of messages requiring a similar answer, consider writing a template for a cut and paste reply. Any e-mails  that don’t require much thought  should be dealt with  a short answer  and sent off as soon as possible
When you do get down to working on your internet business, focus on 1 thing at a time. The more items you tackle at the same time, the longer it will ultimately take. If you are following a program to assist you with your online business, try not to deviate from their itinerary. Most online programs will work if you follow them......and you will have a successful internet business.

 There are countless programs online that promise to lead you by the hand from start to finish in creating a successful online business. After investigating several of the programs out there, I found that Lee McIntyre’s Point and Click Coaching program is by far the most comprehensive and easy to follow course, chock full of valuable tips and resources to help any level of internet marketer.

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