Friday, October 8, 2010

Lee McIntyre Coaching Review

The Value of a Coach

I've heard it said (though I can't remember who said it.....probably some world renowned business leader) that your coach sees your successes before YOU do! They also see your enemies before you do. In my case, I am my own worst enemy!

Right from the get-go, Lee honed in on my failure to take action."Nothing happens 'til you take action" he says. Finally someone who knows my tendency to procrastinate. It's not enough to just read or listen to a have to DO SOMETHING!

In the past, I have invested in several programs from reputable internet "gurus", and given up on the course part way through because the "teacher" made it so complicated and didn't "dummy it down" for a complete newbie like me. Lee knows how to teach. Lee McIntyre coaching me is by far the best "kick me in the butt" instruction I have come across.

As a coach, Lee McIntyre is right there , Manchester accent and all, to tell me how to develop my income stream from internet marketing. Actually...... he's there to show me how to do it. Not physically there, mind you...but via detailed, informative videos of the screen shots you will see if you follow his methods. And...if you DON'T follow his teaching...he'll tell you what will and won't happen in your business through examples of his own failings. I like that. I don't like these guys that only give you the upside. Every business has a downside during the learning period, and unless you're prepared for it, you'll quit. I did!

Most coaches charge an exorbitant fee for their services, and usually spend the first couple of "billable" hours assessing what you're doing wrong. Then they tell you what you need to do to move on in your business.Don't get me wrong.....a coach is a valuable asset to any growing business, but an unnecessary expense for someone who doesn't have a business yet.

 For the relatively low monthly fee of $97, Lee McIntyre's "Point and Click Coaching" program will take a raw, uneducated ( in internet matters) newbie and guide him (or her....the internet doesn't play favourites) through a step by process to making money online. And the best part is having a coach directing you.

If you want to make money online (and I certainly do!), you need to have Lee McIntyre coaching YOU!

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