Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reasons to Tweet about Your Business

If you've done any reading on the Twitter marketing, you probably realize that tweeting can be an effective, cost-free or low-cost solution for marketing your business. All too often, however, we may be left wondering what to tweet about our businesses. We are under the mistaken impression that we simply have nothing worthy of sharing.

A good tweet can not only inform your followers about new developments in your company, but it can also educate, inform, or entertain them. .Once you achieve visibility, both your company profile and your client prospect levels will rise. The word of mouth that can come from a particularly intelligent tweet or series of tweets can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in free advertising.

If you provide tweets that appeals to your followers, you'll gain credibility and be on your way to forming a valuable relationship. This can be very powerful from a marketing point of view.
If you’re looking for things to tweet about in relation to your business, consider some of these ideas. This is a list of 19 reasons to tweet about your business and help you get started today in utilizing this amazing promotional strategy for your business: 

Starting a new businessCelebrating a company anniversary
Publishing of a new article or series of articles
Publishing of a new blog post related to your business
Publishing of a book or ebook
Promote a book signing
Receiving an award
Announcement a partnership
Promote a specific product, service, event, contest or fundraiser
Promote a product or service that is holiday themed
Promote a sale or holiday sale
Promote a campaign using your company products that promotes a cause or creates awareness about something important
Announce that you're available to speak on particular subjects of interest
Promote a public appearance on television, radio or in person
Launching of a website or blog
Website or blog anniversary
Announce free information or resources are available
Sponsoring a workshop, seminar, conference or teleseminar
Announcement of a new strategic partnership or alliance

While there are many other reasons to tweet, these ideas should help you jumpstart your creativity.

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