Tuesday, November 23, 2010


When you start an online, home-based business, where do you get the business name, and how important is the name to your success? What you call your business can affect how much internet traffic you attract, and consequently how much money you make. A credible business name can be the difference between a one-time sale and repeated business.

Make money with the right online name.

Have you thought about what you’re selling, and who is looking for it? Do you offer something that only you can offer, perhaps something that only you can create? In the case of an artistic property, like books or craft items, or maybe jewelry, where your reputation is the main reason people are looking for it, you may want to use your name as your website. Eg. Yourname.com. If you have already chosen an online niche to service, the name you choose for your website should reflect the product or service that you are promoting. People searching for a solution to their problems don’t know, and, in fact, don’t care if you’re a home-based business or a large multinational corporation. They just want answers to their questions. If you have the right name for your website, they are more likely to check out your offers.

Don’t use offbeat names for your site if you want online traffic.

When people sit down at the computer to search for something, they want to solve a problem. The words they type into the search engine will determine what sites will offer them the solution to their problem. There are millions of pages to choose from, so you want your site to be one of the first they see. If you have chosen some bizarre name for your website, the search engine will have to look deeper into your content before it arrives at the information they are seeking. Then, if they’re still looking after they sift through page after page of possible solutions to their problem, they might stumble upon  your website, with it’s seemingly unrelated name. You might have exactly what they are searching for, but how will they find you? If they have any energy left, they may open your link and have a look. Then, if they decide not to buy right now, you better hope they bookmark your site, or they’ll never find it again. We’ve all done that, haven’t we?

Endless links and what they mean to your home-based business.

Have you ever gone to a website searching for something, and the answer to your problem wasn’t there? Instead you were greeted with pages of nothing but links to other websites, some not even related to the search you were conducting. How did you feel? Like you wasted your time visiting that site…or that someone was not interested in solving your problem, just making whatever money they could off you? Don’t get me wrong. Links to other sites that can help you solve your customers’ problems can be a goldmine of extra money for you in the development of your online home-based business, but you should offer some content that attempts to solve their issue, then refer them to an affiliate site (a link that takes them away from your site to someone else’s site to offer them a possible solution). This way you’re site will be appreciated as the catalyst in the solution process.  

When choosing a name for your home-based online business, think of the millions of people on the internet that would like you to solve their problems, and then think of how they can find you. What’s in a name, you ask?


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